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March 2012

Lately, I've been working steadily on small publications and some online newsletters. In my spare time, I've been reading through design books, visiting the odd antique store or two, and accumulating interesting graphic ephemera wherever I can find it (which is usually a bookstore). It's been illuminating to note how design evolves over time to meet the always ever-changing needs of the time and particular clients. I'm really appreciative of some of the illustration and design accomplishments during this past century. As society grows stronger and adapts to change, so does design.

I've been paying particular attention to note how white space is used. White space, as you may know, is the space not taken up by type, images, or any other graphic elements. Perhaps you've heard that saying how music isn't so much about the notes being played, but the silences that surround them. Well, design tends to work in much the same way. Not only can white space communicate meaning—such as luxury, sophistication, or busyness—but it draws attention, directs the eye around the page, and in multi-page documents, even connects pages together. Another analogy often seen is that of interior design and architecture, a field that is all about organizing "spaces."

On another note, I'm looking forward to all of the changes and development that 2012 has in store. If you find you need some graphic design services, consultation, or advice, please feel free to drop us an e-mail whenever time permits. Good luck to everyone in all their endeavors.